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    Welcome to our education website, where we honor and promote the unique cultural traditions and rich legacy of our local communities. Your grasp of the cultures, ideologies, and practices that make up our globe will grow as a result of the learning experience we want to deliver. Here, you will have the chance to learn about the myths and legends that make our cultures so distinctive and alluring as well as to experience the works of art, music, cuisine, and traditions that have been handed down through the generations. Come along with us as we explore the history, customs, cultural manifestations, languages, but also managers courses. If needed, feel free to contact us via education@ijcae.org.

    The following Categories of Courses are available:

    • Short-term Manager Courses focused on e.g. Management, IT, Social Business, and much more
    • Long-term Manager Courses focused on General Management (mini-MBA format) 
    • Long-term Language Courses, e.g. Japanese JLPT N5 Level Course
    • Culture and Heritage Courses, e.g. regarding Cambodia, Vietnam, and PR Lao
    • Free eLibrary and much more

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